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After a few years of the single life in Atlanta, let's just say I didn’t have the highest expectations for first dates. So when I woke up to a cold, rainy morning on the day that Juan and I were supposed to meet, I was tempted to ask for a literal rain check. (I later found out he was equally unenthused) Nonetheless, I pulled it together and, despite desperately wanting to stay in with a movie and a glass of wine, I braved the weather to meet Juan at a local restaurant. And while I’m sure he’ll tell you otherwise –– as he always loves to remind me –– I was only a little bit late.

It quickly became clear that we were lucky we decided to meet that Sunday. Our first date ran long as we moved past the obligatory "get to know yous” and talked about whatever came to our minds. And over the next few weeks Juan proved himself to be the opposite of all those prior dates that I’d laughed about over drinks with my friends. While I kept waiting for a red flag, Juan kept doing what he does best — showing up and proving himself, again and again, to be the kind, patient, open, funny, and caring man that I (and many of you) are lucky to know and love.

Soon after Juan and I met, I went on a long weekend away with one of my oldest friends. We were in Cuba, completely cut off with no cell service, no WiFi—nothing. I remember telling her about Juan during this trip, but swearing to her that we were only casually dating, no big deal, such that the time apart wasn’t going to bother me at all. Despite my best attempts to appear casual, I quickly admitted to myself that nothing could have been further from the truth. I couldn’t wait to talk to him again, and after only a day or two I was dragging my friend across old Havana, scraping up all my spare change, to find and purchase the rare working WiFi card in hopes of seeing his latest iMessage.

Once I was back in the U.S., I quickly realized that this guy was different, and my feelings for him were special. The next year with Juan went by in a flash. We met one another’s families, I got to know his beautiful children, and we spent time learning about one another and growing as a couple. About a year and a half after our rainy first date, Juan took me back to the restaurant where we met one another. While entirely unexpected to me, he'd planned a beautiful proposal at the exact same table where we’d first gotten to know one another. Juan had planned every detail, and even made sure some of my closest friends and bridesmaids were hiding at the restaurant to celebrate with us after I said "YES!"

Looking back, I always laugh at the fact that I almost didn't meet my soon-to-be husband because of the weather. It goes to show you how it really is the unexpected times that can be the most important. I can’t wait to spend future rainy days with him.


You’d never believe it but my first date with Sarah was literally the last thing I wanted to do that day. It was raining, it was cold, and it was a Sunday. I wanted to cancel but decided to honor my commitment.

Meeting her for drinks was clearly the way to go. As soon as I saw her, I was hit by a thunderbolt. I was head over heels in an instant. We had an amazing evening that night and shared a ton of laughs. The more I learned the more I liked. We had so much in common, especially a zest for travel. At the end of the date, I knew she was the one for me. Little did I know that the date ended because she initiated a well crafted escape plan in case the date was going badly. I have to appreciate that kind of forward thinking.

After several dates and multiple adventures together, Sarah had to pass the toughest test...Loli and Niko. Like me, the kids took to Sarah right away. I never had a doubt. However, I was taken aback by how great Sarah was with my kids. She was thoughtful, caring, and loved the kids like they were her own.

Sarah made this family complete. Having been in sales for several years you learn to leave nothing to chance. When something good comes along you hold on to it. Therefore, in June of this year, I “closed” her and asked her to be my wife at the very place where I first laid eyes on her.

Sarah continues to make my life more amazing by the day and I look forward to the adventures that the future will bring

In the meantime, we both look forward to you joining us in Mexico for the first of many parties and celebrations in our lives! We’ll see you there.
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